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Pizza Express is here!

It’s finally opened. The largest Pizza Express in Europe has opened in Event Square, Falmouth – right by the Maritime Museum, the marina and just a few minutes walk from where I live. Life will never be the same. Last night was the second night of opening – and quite chaotic – but the food was excellent and the girl who served us (seconded from Reading) did a great job. They need some art on the walls, a reception area for arrivals and some drapes to deaden the noise – but the views across the harbour are stunning. 250 covers is a lot for this area – we shall see… And it will be tempting to visit often for consistency – but I hope I’ll be able to carry on experimenting with the eclectic restaurants that the town is renouned for. My local will still be “5 degrees west”, where a bucket of rose on a Friday night marks the start of a full weekend – rare though they are at the moment. And, in just 2 hours, I’ll be driving away again – to attend dinner with our Mastermind Group in Birmingham tonight – if we can get there through the floods!

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