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Phew! A day of number crunching

Just spent the whole working day with a man and wife dental team who are proposing to create a new private practice in 18 months from now. We created:

  1. a 12-month cash flow forecast for year 4 and

  2. a 36-month cash flow forecast for years 1 through 3

  3. an analysis of seed capital required to get to the opening day

  4. an analysis of initial investment, lease finance and maximum bank borrowing

  5. a decision as to whether the practice will be hygienist-centred, care-nurse centred or dentist-centred

  6. an outline organisational chart for years 1, 2 and 3

  7. a set of goals for the next 90 days

All of this before even the geographical location has been confirmed. I’ve spent most of my day with my head in their Excel – and my brain is swimming. But it has been great fun and we have laughed as we have worked together. This is business coaching at its best. Now I’m ready for a couple of days rest. Have a good weekend dear reader.

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