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Perfect Days

There are days when it all just goes according to plan:

  1. the hotel is in the right location

  2. the traffic doesn’t snarl up

  3. the room is airy, well-lit and air-conditioned

  4. the room layout is correct

  5. the organisers do a great job of hosting (thank you Practice Plan)

  6. the guests are all in the mood

  7. the speaker manages to hold the room

  8. the material is interesting and relevant to the needs of the audience

  9. there is a “can do” atmosphere

Yesterday was such a day in Bury. Over 115 delegates attended possibly one of my best ever workshops. The feedback at the conclusion was unanimously positive. Plenty of practices leaving the workshop with 90-day goals and a 24-month plan to galvanise their marketing. A chance for me to say “hello” to some old friends. And the bonus – my youngest daughter Ellie attending as a work-experience day. You know what? It doesn’t get any better.

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