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Patience being a virtue

There's something that every marketing manager, TCO and clinician has to remember about effective patient communication.

It is not to be rushed.

When you present a treatment plan to a patient and they say "no":

  1. They may not be saying "no - never" - they may simply be saying "no - not now" - so it is important to ask a clarifying question when somebody says "no" - "Could I clarify that please Mr. Barrow - does that mean that you are saying "no" to this suggested solution forever - or are you simply saying that the time isn't right for you now and you may want to return to this subject at a future date? If so, I'll make a diary note to mention this again to you at a time we agree."

  2. When a patient says "no - never" or "no - not now" they are not rejecting you - they are rejecting themselves. You know that what you do is good for people - so don't take a rejection personally;

  3. Know your numbers - I know that when dentists connect with me to ask about my coaching services, I have a 66% conversion rate there and then - I know that a third will say "no- not now" to the idea of having me as their coach - and I always leave the door open.

A dentist called me earlier this week for a conversation about coaching - his opening comment was "Chris - I heard you lecture when I was a VT and thought I would be calling you one day - that was 20 years ago".

People will connect with you when they are ready - make it possible and easy for them to do find you.

Newsletters, social media posts, a blog, a video blog, guest articles in local free press, local public speaking (when we can) - make yourself easy to spot.

Above all - be patient.

Marketing isn't ever get rich quick - if somebody promises that - run a mile.

Marketing is a dripping tap of relentless storytelling.

It might take 20 years for a patient to ask for your help - but if your marketing reservoir is full, another patient will also ask you today - and every day.

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