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"Pace not race" said the hypocrite

First day back in The Bunker after a 6-day road trip - and after working over the weekend (Saturday - London Dentistry Show, Sunday - FMC Dentistry Awards judging) it would be fair to say that I'm a bit of a ghost this morning.

It's not at all surprising that the absence of a weekend off means that body, mind and spirit are running on low batteries.

Today I will be ambling through work (which is why this blog post is late) and also catching up on my Sunday morning personal finances update.

A big week ahead also.

Southampton on Wednesday for a Practice Plan regional workshop (understanding finances again) and a big shout out for Amy and the rest of the team who have secured a full house attendance. Perhaps current concerns around prices, pay and profit have also brought out the audience?

On Thursday we fly to Northern Ireland for the very first Extreme Business Client Conference at the L S Brown Centre in Fermanagh. Three days of CPD and fun in Enniskillen, likely to be enlivened by the upcoming Ireland rugby game on Saturday night.

Whilst we are there (fingers crossed) hoping to complete on the purchase of our new home.

What could possibly go wrong?

By the time we get home on Sunday 15th, it will have been 14 straight days for me.

"Pace not race" says the coach - then wears himself out - the irony is not lost.

I've noticed over the years that October and November are always very busy months - we are finishing off this year and preparing for the next - that's what my meeting with Rachel Turner was about last Wednesday - and it's what I'm discussing with many of the clients in The Extreme Business 100.

Over the last week I've been delighted with the number of enquiries I've had from people considering joining The 100 community in 2024.

We do have about 20 seats available around the table, as existing members sell their practices, retire or just take a break from coaching.

When I get back from Northern Ireland and week commencing 16th October, we will be opening our official doors for new clients in 2024 - 20 places and then that's it for now.

You can read all about the community here - - and I'm happy to offer a complimentary chat to anyone who wants 2024 to be a year of coaching, community and confidence.

For now - head down today and preparation for the week ahead.

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