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Ownership – really?

The fact of the matter is that business ownership is a pain in the neck.

It must be – the evidence is irrefutable.

What evidence?

Your evidence.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with the owners of many “Champions League” as well as “Premier League” dental practices over 20+ years.

You have one thing in common.

You NEVER stop complaining about:

  1. other people’s performance and behaviour – suppliers, team, associates, partners, patients – even consultants!

  2. making a living but not an abundance

  3. not enough new patients

  4. not selling enough of the right products, services and procedures

  5. lack of initiative from your team

  6. poor work/life balance

  7. lack of a clear strategy/direction/exit route

  8. bouncing up against a glass ceiling

  9. simply struggling to make ends meet and hold it all together

Your complaining has been consistent.

So why do you bother?

Because you want:

  1. freedom – nobody able to tell you what to do

  2. the ability to earn what you think you are worth

  3. to build a goodwill value that can be sold at some future date


“how much of those three benefits do you have right now?”

  1. are other people/organisations telling you what to do?

  2. are you earning what you think you are worth?

  3. do you have a clear exit route and confidence about the value of your business?

Coaching is NOT about removing the things, situations and people that you complain about – I’ve tried for 20 years without success.

Coaching is about making it all worth your while because you DO have freedom, you ARE earning what you think you are worth and you do HAVE a clear exit route and a business value that will be attractive enough for you to sell and for someone else to buy.

Settle for anything less and I’m afraid you are letting yourself and your family down – and you need a coach.

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