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Overwhelm and submarines

Waking at 4.30am is a good indicator that you have a little too much on your plate. That’s what happened to me (again) this morning and it seems to come around about every three months or so. At my age I quite often wake in the night (too much information) and try to avoid thinking about “what’s going on” – I may have mentioned to you before my mental image of those doors in submarines – with the big circular handles that have to be turned to create an air-tight seal. We watch, with horror, those movies about submariners which feature an inevitable scene where, despite their best efforts, the crew cannot hold back the bursting flow of cold sea water which gushes around the heavy steel frame. Such are my early morning thoughts on occasion. Sometimes I can turn the giant handle, lock the door and fall back asleep – when the pressure isn’t so great. Other times I haven’t the strength or the pressure is too high – the door swings open, the sea rushes in and I will drown if I don’t rush for cover or swim. This morning the door swung open and the water rushed in – so I made a cup of tea and sat in my bed at 5.00am filling in application forms for a new banking facility. Having said that, in spite of the initial “pressure” I have enjoyed a very fruitful day professionally – all the A’s have been accomplished, I’m tired (and will rest this evening) but I have emerged victorious from a tough day. I wonder if I will sleep tonight?

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