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Outcomes and Dead Horses

"Chris I look forward to your blog tomorrow on Outcomes."

Thanks Dhru.

I have an early start today, heading for two consecutive days of workshops in Central Manchester on the subject of Tactical and Strategic Financial Mastery.

I'll be starting the day by reminding my clients (and I've mentioned it here many times before) of the words of business author Michael Gerber, penned in 1995:

  • The objective of a business is to make a profit;

  • The purpose of a business is to solve the customer's problem;

  • The ultimate goal of a business is to be sold.

In the modern era, we need to add that any great business:

  • must create environments in which its team members can choose to become self-motivated;

  • must recognise its corporate social responsibility to sustain the environment, support its community and respect its people;

  • must "solve the problem" to the highest standards of customer service and (in our case) clinical care.

So here's my last comment on this thread.

NHS dentistry:

  • Cannot ever make a profit;

  • Fails to solve the customer's problem;

  • Creates environments in which most team members are exhausted and disillusioned;

  • Has no CSR policy that I've ever noticed;

  • Is underfunded, unappreciated and a source of irritation to its ultimate paymasters.

The Dead Horse Theory applies:

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1 Comment

Dhru Shah
Dhru Shah
May 27, 2022

Thanks Chris. Enjoy the two days of teaching.

I totally missed this blog yesterday.

I think it's how you prioritise those objectives that Michael Gerber said .

Do you first make profit or do you first serve the cause (represent the customers needs) and that translates into profit ?

Are we following what Adam Smith translated all those decades ago or are we following what Milto. Friedman said some decades ago ?

To me the purpose of a business is not primarily to make a profit is to advance a just cause.

In advancing that just cause, if the impact and value delivery, solving a customer need is high, then profit and sustaibillity becomes the reason for profit.


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