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Yesterday I worked with one of the top 10 teams I've met in the last 26 years at Dental Rooms in Wimbledon (tomorrow I'll share with you the steps we worked through to review their patient experience).

This morning I'm preparing for our Belfast workshop and, for the first time in The Extreme Business 100, introducing a guest co-presenter for my Owner's and Manager's Day.

Dr Neil Harris, HRS Dentalcare, will be lifting the bonnet and showing my clients every aspect of how he has created an innovative self-managing dental business.

I can honestly say that I've never been more optimistic and excited about the future of independently-owned private dentistry in the UK and Ireland.

I'm not just kidding myself - everywhere I look around my client base (and my wider circle of dental friends) I see evidence of progress.

I love my job.

You should join our community.

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