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Optical Express and CRM

I have to admit to being astonished. Here’s the time-line. 18:00 casually click on Facebook advert from Optical Express, offering free laser-eye correction for those age 55 and over (yes – that’s me – sigh). 18:02 – finish completing basic details – name, post-code, email, phone and…..CLICK 18:03 I kid you not – 60-seconds later… My mobile rings and a young lady in a call-centre (Scottish) thanks me for my enquiry and suggests that I attend the nearest store (in Torquay) for a free assessment. After picking myself off the floor, I explain that Torquay is too far away, that I’m about to take a vacation, that I travel on business. She agrees to call me on 27th August to book a free consult in any nationwide store to suit my travel. And wishes me a good holiday. 18:04 Email arrives to confirm my entry into the free-prize draw and also introduces me to their dental and facial aesthetics clinics. Plus a link to download their information pack. In less than 4 minutes I have travelled two-thirds of the way down their prospect pipeline – and had a good experience (not a bit pushy). Do I think she will call me on 27th? Damn right I do. Do I think she will ask if my holiday was a success? No doubt. Will I book a free consult. I’m bloody sure of it. Was I interested in laser-eye surgery at 17:59? No. Is that the single most breath-taking customer service experience I have had this year. Yup. Am I a little paranoid? Just a bit – I feel as if she may be watching me right now……

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