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Opportunity is knocking, you might want to answer…

I’ve been teasing you for some time now on a new venture that will change the face of UK dentistry. The starter flag is down and I’m now looking for young dentists who want to become involved in their first ownership venture with a new, unique and innovative business partner, working in conjunction with a nationwide household name. Do you think you have a bigger future? About you:

  1. You are a young dentist, frustrated with your current working conditions and with an ambition to own your own practice

  2. You are concerned that buying an existing practice could be a risky business and would love to be able to start from scratch with a very limited downside

  3. You are concerned about how to raise capital and how much would be needed

  4. You are worried about recruitment of staff

  5. You wonder how the first patients can be attracted

  6. You have limited business experience and wonder if you know enough to make your first venture a success

  7. You have plenty of drive but limited experience

  8. You are passionate about dentistry and have a commitment to providing excellent clinical care to your patients

  9. You want to work in private and not NHS dentistry

  10. You are prepared to act fast and become one of the first to benefit from a brand new business in the marketplace with the benefit of a national “blue-chip” brand

For the last 9 months I have been working behind the scenes with an experienced business team who, together with a premier UK bank, have put together a unique offer. I guarantee that you will not be able to find the equal of our business model anywhere in UK dentistry – or match our terms. About us:

  1. We will build you a brand new fully equipped private practice

  2. We will offer an unbeatable financial deal that will provide 70% of the capital expenditure on a pre-approved basis

  3. We will offer “industry best” terms from our supply partners

  4. We will ensure that your governance and compliance obligations are fulfilled

  5. We will train, consult and coach you to success from day one – beside you every step of the way

  6. We will offer nationally branded marketing in partnership with a major household name

  7. Incredible though it may sound – we can guarantee the footfall that will bring literally thousands of prospective new patients to your door right from day one

  8. We will surround you with a management services team who will hand-hold you every step of the way through your initial months and years

So – if we could show you a way to launch a successful private practice with “blue-chip” branding, 1000’s of customers ready to become your patients and with a personal investment of as little as £30,000 of capital – would you be interested? We are moving fast – we are ambitious ourselves – and we are looking for “runners” – people who can take advice, people who can make decisions – most of all people who are as serious as we are about this new business. After months of preparation, the first of a limited number of opportunities are now available in the South and South East and we are looking for applicants right now. Don’t miss the boat – this is an amazing business. If you are interested – or if you know someone who could be – please send your CV to me at

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