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On the party nearly being over.....

A cursory glance at social media over the last few days produces an intoxicating mix of Festivals, family-time and holidays.

After celebrating my granddaughter's 2nd birthday on Sunday, and my cousin's 70th birthday yesterday, Annie and I reflected on the past three months and the fun times we have enjoyed at home and abroad.

I popped on the scales this morning, to confirm that all this frolicking has had a predictable effect and has created a new target for me to aim at - eek.

Technically, I think for most people the summer ends when the schools go back - but what I'm doing this morning is starting to get myself out of Summer and into the last 4 months of the year.

Given that I'm celebrating my own birthday at the end of next week, I'll not quite be able to deep dive into detox just yet - but that's no reason to delay the calming of indulgences.

Last week in this blog I mentioned that this week is in The Barrow Bunker, working ON the business. I have a task list over the next 4 days that includes tactics for the remainder of 2023 and strategies for 2024.

This morning I'm telling myself that the party is over - and that it's time to get seriously back to work from next Monday.

Ironically, we may yet enjoy a September heatwave - but I'm getting myself into Autumn mode.

It's a time of year here in the UK that I love.

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