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On public speaking, going home, looking forward to 2018 and welcoming Christmas

So – last day on the road before a week’s vacation including a cottage holiday in West Wales.

Gloucester Independent Dental today and an audience of over 100 at Cheltenham Racecourse will be treated to a very eclectic mix of speakers, including a couple of successful hairdressers, the founder of a digital advertising agency and my good self.

I’ll be opening the day with a session on The Patient Experience (how to engage the team in delivering remark-able customer service) and ending the day with The Championship Support Team (reflections on leadership, management and team-building).

As is often the case at the big GID days, the theme is teamwork and I’m excited to be on my feet and looking forward to delivering some surprises for the audience.

Equally, to listen to the other speakers from a non-dental background – credit to the organising committee for having the courage to “mix it up”.

The attendance figures are good, especially as we clash with the London-based BACD conference and as this tags on to the end of a busy conference and dinner season.

Much as I’m always looking forward to speaking day, I’ll be glad to get home at around 20:00 tonight, at the end of what seems like the busiest three months for many years.

Ever since 1st September, life has been a whirlwind of travel and meetings – nothing for a freelancer to complain about but my mind, body and spirit do need a break.

As well as the day to day delivery and travel, I’ve creatively destroyed my 2018 business plan with the help of my business coach, Rachel Turner and, I hope, continued to support my clients and strategic alliance partners with the ever-excellent help of Phillippa Goodwin at front of house and Kim Black (IT) and Jamie Cottrell (graphic design) back-stage.

I’m blessed with a loyal and hard-working team and a client base that would be the envy of many a trainer, consultant, coach or mentor.

Registrations for my Extreme Business 2018 workshop programme were 21 as of this morning (of a target of 40) and I’m delighted with the response and interest after just 3 weeks of active marketing – we have passed the half-way mark, which means we have a show!

Just in case you have missed it – here is the programme brochure for what promises to be an extraordinary experience for the owners and managers taking part – I guarantee you a business-changing experience.

With a few more weeks left of the working year, all of us need to stay focused on our 2017 business targets and get ready for that final push before Christmas, simultaneously thinking about 2018 and what difference we intend to make.

I hear the John Lewis Christmas advert is released today – now we know it’s Christmas.

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