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On excellence and what that means

Your brand standard is excellence.

Here’s a little lunch and learn for you to try as soon as you can.

Ask everyone in your team to define what excellence means to them and come up with three words to illustrate that meaning.

Efficient? On-time? Polite?

Collect their responses.

Post them on a wall.

Create a montage of words that define excellence.

Hold yourself and your team accountable to that list every day.

I’m in Nottingham today (2nd time in a week), this time spending a full day with the delegates on The Campbell Academy year-long business course (the first of it’s kind in the UK).

Over dinner last night the buzz in the room was palpable – surprising and encouraging after their day of spreadsheet and financial training from Colin and his team as well as a lively conversation on associate remuneration (read, if you haven’t already, my blog post last Friday on that subject HERE)

Today we will cover:

  1. KPI’s in dentistry – what and why?

  2. Clinician revenue analysis

  3. Marketing for independent practices in 2017

  4. The modern independent practice today and in 2027

Frankly, I can’t wait to get down there this morning and start.

My intention is to deliver excellence.


Educate Entertain Inspire

Make excellence your aim today.

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