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'On brand': a mantra for every team member in your organisation

Welcome to our business. Being “on brand” means that you are a true-life example of everything the business stands for. Your performance is in line with the way in which our suppliers, partners and clients expect us to perform. Your behaviour is in line with the way in which our suppliers, partners and clients expect us to perform. If we dress well, you dress well. If our grooming is exemplary, your grooming is exemplary. If we stay healthy, you stay healthy. If we are tidy, you are tidy. If we adhere to Paddi Lund’s Courtesy System, you adhere to it. If we are good at keeping to time, starting what we finish, keeping promises, saying “please” and “thank you”, you are too. If we believe in further education, you believe just as much. You see, around here, this isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life. We don’t see any distinction between work and play here – we do both really well. We respect and admire each other and all the nice people we work with every day. We tolerate nothing and nobody that gets in our way. If people cannot keep up with us, or disagree with our culture – that’s OK, we defend their right to have a different view – and move on. Because we know that what we do for a living is fundamentally good, ethical and enhances peoples’ lives in a positive way. Today and every day we have a very simple request. Every morning we imagine that our business is like a long-running sell-out West End play. The lights dim, the band strikes up, the curtains open, the lights blaze and…it’s showtime. Welcome to another day ‘on brand’ – and shine!

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