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On being ready to circle the wagons

It might not feel like it - but dentists have had it pretty good for the last 15 months.

Business has been booming, even though so many people are burned out. Consumer confidence, translating in to patient demand has fuelled that.

The question is - how long before the cycle changes direction?

In the next few weeks we will see an Autumn budget, COP 26 and other potential disruptors. Amazon and others may be gearing up for a Christmas bonanza - but that depends on consumer confidence being maintained as we move to the end of the year.

On the increase:

  • Covid infection rates;

  • The CPI (consumer price index) and Inflation;

  • Energy prices;

  • Poverty in the UK;

  • Terrorism;

  • Climate protests;

  • Supply chain delays;

  • NHS targets;

  • Independent owners selling out;

  • Goodwill values.

On the decrease:

  • Furlough;

  • Universal credit;

  • People willing to work in dentistry;

  • Taxpayer subsidy and Government largesse.

Just in case, remember that when it comes to circling the wagons, you need:

  • Supplies;

  • Ammunition;

  • Strength in numbers;

  • Confidence;

  • Outstanding leadership.

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