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On being in the same boat

During our workshops in Mumbai and Delhi last week we began each event by asking the audience for a “shopping list” of the questions they wanted answering and the outcomes required from the day.

On reflection, what we should have done is to specify two lists:

  1. Questions connected to the subject matter for which the workshop had been advertised;

  2. Any other business.

….perhaps with a guarantee that we would cover questions related to the brief and hope to cover questions on other subjects – of which there were many.

Frankly – we could still be there now, fielding endless questions from the audience.

Over 20 core questions from each workshop and perhaps only one that could be said to have an Indian flavour:

How do I deal with people who simply open the door and ask “is the Doctor available now – I just need a quick repair extraction and don’t need a consult.”

Apart from that – the rest of it was the same stuff that I would hear back home and in any of the other countries I have visited.

  1. How do I attract enough new patients?

  2. How do I recruit, motivate and retain good people?

  3. How do I get started?

  4. How do I grow?

  5. What systems do I need to have in place?

  6. How do I deal with competition?

  7. How do I make this pay?

  8. How do I manage the balance of my time?

All of us are the same – trying to navigate our course through a complex and confusing world, pulled in one direction then another by the obligations that our tribe/culture place upon us and those we place upon ourselves to just “keep up”.

On stage for 3 days in India – back to “reality” today with the first of three client meetings in the next 36 hours.

We are in the same boat.

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