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OK, OK – I’m back!

Goodness – you would think I had a fan club or something. It’s quite flattering actually – the emails from the well-intentioned asking if I am “OK” because there has been a scarcity of blog posts and ezines in the first few weeks of 2008 because:

  1. changing our ezine design and distribution has created some unforseen technical howlers;

  2. I’ve been off on my African travels (of which, more in the ezine over the weeks ahead) and

  3. When you are away from perceived civilisation for a period, it can be difficult to recover one’s “mojo”

So here we are on 12th February, with me feeling inspired to write again (although I kept and extensive and very private journal of my African adventure – and enjoyed writing with a pen rather than typing).

Charles Darwin nailed it for me when he explained that species evolved through a process of continous adaptation.

Little did he know that his theory would work just as well for a business coach.

Businesses evolve in the 21st Century through a process of continous adaption to both internal and external influences – the 19th Century and it’s Industrial Age were founded on the principle that people and machines could be designed to repeat tasks endlessley – status quo worked.

In the 20th Century we witnessed the transition from industry to technology – machines that could do repetitive tasks at the speed of light.

In the 21st Century we are witnessing the transition from technology to information and knowledge – and no matter how much faster the processors can process – they can only do so at the limit of one human’s ability to be stimulated by and respond to the information.

It’s all slowing back down – from the speed of light to the speed of life.

Thank goodness – we can all breathe again.

At our management meeting yesterday, the partners in Breathe Business agreed that we launched Breathe v.1.0 on 1st January 2008 – but that we can already see Breathe v.2.0 clearly in our minds.

It may take us another year to create v.2.0 but that’s OK.

The crime would be to ignore v.2.0 and just battle on with v.1.0.

You have to continously adapt your business to change – at the speed of life.

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