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No resolutions!

I’ve been involved in coaching for over 13 years now – and my New Year in-box is usually littered this week with felicitations from other coaches, confirming that I’m the perfect version of me and that 2008 will somehow be different from all of it’s predecessors if I choose. Alongside those annual mantras of hope come the lists of resolutions and the “how to” publications that accompany them. But not this year? I’ve searched my emails and can hardly find any reference from the “less TV/food/booze/work and more reading/exercise/conversation” brigade. Where are they all? My only evidence that things may not have changed was a trip to Waterstones in Truro on 31st December – where my entrance was barred by an 8-foot high pile of Paul Mackenna books on how I can help him become wealthier in 90-days. So maybe what’s happening here is that in the world of physical publishing there is still a market for self-help manuals – but on the web we are all too busy updating our Facebook pages to be bothered with self-improvement.

“Christopher Barrow is sat at his desk typing whilst his body ages”

Anyways – Happy New Year – I’m taking it easy this week in Falmouth and just scanning emails and urgent stuff – the travelling begins again next week.

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