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New life

I knew that one of the horses on the farm next door was due to deliver – the original “due date” was 2 weeks ago. Never having seen a foal born I was keen to watch but assumed that my constant travels would work against me. Sunday afternoon at 5.00pm we were tipped off that “May” was imminent and, rushing around to the stable, I was suprised to see her laying down with two very large legs protruding from her rear! Brian, the owner, turned to me and asked “could you help?” and, within minutes, he and I had hold of the foals legs and were gently pulling at each contraction. Soon enough, the head of the foal appeared and, after just 20 minutes and with one almighty push, out popped a brand new life. For a city boy, this was quite an experience. I know all the country people reading will say “shrug” but witnessing this birth really made my day. Monday was a second meeting with my business manager Bonnie, working through our cash flow forecasts for 2006 and showing her how the money flows through the business. Following a long drive on Monday evening, I checked into a rather dingy hotel in Lichfield, Staffordshire after 11.00pm and sat in the bar having a late whiskey wind down and reading a beginners guide to Hinduism (how strange that sounds). The following quote from Sivaya Subramuniyaswami caught my eye: There is one thing God cannot do. God cannot separate himself from us. This is because God is our life. God is the life in the birds. God is the life in the fish. God is the life in the animals. Becoming aware of the Life energy in all that lives is becoming aware of God’s loving presence within us. We are the undying consciousness and energy flowing through all things.” I am not a religious person (although I count myself as spiritual) but witnessing the arrival of new life on Sunday made me pause for thought.

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