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New in Kindle e-books: The 100% Growth System

As from today you can download my latest e-book, a step by step guide to growing your practice sales and profitability by 100% in less than 36 months.

This is the readable version of the growth coaching I’m doing with my top 21 clients, with whom I meet on a monthly basis.

We are seeing some fantastic results.

There’s a lot in the book about getting to grips with the new digital marketing landscape but I also make reference to how you can turn your recall system into a marketing opportunity and how to engage patients in sending referrals.

To read more (and see my other books and e-books) CLICK HERE.

If you don’t own a Kindle you can download a Kindle reader app to your smartphone or tablet.

As some existing client contracts are coming to a natural end, I’m also looking to recruit 3 new clients in the next 3 months for similar face to face coaching – if you would like a complimentary chat on how to join my client community, please email

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