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My turn

I tested positive for Covid on Sunday morning.

So, here in England, for me Monday is day 1 of 5 and then 2 consecutive negative LFTs before I'm allowed out.

That's the Dental Showcase over for me this weekend and, annoyingly, I'll miss the first ever live Business Confidence Forum - it feels like I'm missing my own birthday party - ah well.

I've spent so much time over the last 2 years, listening to others relate their personal Covid experiences - now it's my turn.

My first inclination was to "be the hero" - show up for all webinars, Zoom calls and other digital meetings this week.

"It isn't going to stop me!"

Then I read the advice from so many friends - no exercise, no work - if you fight this thing it will fight back - do you really want long-Covid?

So I've put the hero away for once and I'm taking the week off as far as live calls are concerned - and will focus on slow and steady responses to emails, unless my symptoms get worse, in which case I'll stop - and sleep.

Extreme self care coming up.

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