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More team required

An important realisation for me during the Toronto Intensive was that there is another “team CB” member required, in addition to the “lead conversion” person mentioned in a previous blog. The person I am looking for would have the following attributes: 1. to follow me everywhere (shadow me) and capture, record, set down not just the ideas and concepts that I come up with “live” but also the truffles and pings that the clients reveal as we coach them, either 1:1 or in group settings; 2. to convert all of that material into products that can either be given to existing clients as “added value” or sold on-line. Imagine if you will a cross between the “gaffer” on a movie production and a merchandising manager for a rock singer. In 3 days in Toronto we have produced 13 mind maps and Word documents full of ideas. Every conversation, email, presentation, mind map, webinar contains material with which to fill The Online Business School – we are all just too busy to stock the shop.

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