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More on daily huddles


An interesting moment for me at Friday’s BDA Whitening Day was asking an audience of over 50 “how many of you conduct a daily huddle and go through the day-book before the first patient arrives, so as to highlight opportunities for sales and referrals?”

Two hands went up – dare I say it – one of them a former CB client.

So the rest of the audience didn’t think a huddle was practically possible or commercially worthwhile.

In a world in which dentists are increasingly throwing money at hair-brained and unproven marketing gimmicks, it seems that a good conversation with the team at the start of every day isn’t a very good idea.

It works OK for Pret a Manger, Apple, Hilton, your average New Zealand international rugby team and most of my award-winning practices that are having their best ever year with inspired and motivated teams – but not for most dentists.

That’s OK – just saying.

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