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Money talking

Amazon is offering signing-up bonuses of up to £3,000 in areas of Britain with labour shortages, to attract workers in time for the Christmas surge in demand.

We saw the first dental corporate offering sign on fees for associates in the press two weeks ago.

I mentioned last Thursday the webinar that I'm co-hosting with Sarah Buxton on 22nd November:

You are entering a winter of discontent - a paradox in which patient demand is at its highest - and yet I'm working with dental principals who are manning their own reception due to lack of available (or willing) employees.

Even though, in the long term, it isn't just about the money - right now maybe it just is?

I hate to have to say it - but like Amazon, you may have to just bribe people to come and work for you until the current "surge in demand" for dentistry passes.

A gloomy thought indeed but needs must.

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