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Meet Sandra

Sandra has been the conference receptionist at the Hilton Manchester Airport for 19 years. When I ran my first ever financial planning seminar in 1987 she was there. When I ran the marketing workshop for The Dental Business School yesterday she was there. In those 19 years she has been the epitomy of “no problem, leave it with me, I’ll get it sorted.” She is an ambassador for the Hilton hotel group, for the hotel she works in and for the principles of customer service that I have been lecturing on for 9 years now. And she has the same sense of humour as I do. I walked in yesterday morning and she jumped up out of her chair and said – “don’t worry, I’ll go an open the conference room door – the man who never does anything is back.” She’s been listening. Great workshop yesterday, especially (for me) the first half hour, when 4 clients who have converted from NHS to private in the last 6 months reported back to the group on how well the process has gone and how relieved they are to have made the change. To quote one client: “Dentists cannot see the writing on the wall when they have their backs to it.”

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