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Meet Dental Business School presenter: Barry Oulton

In the third quarter of 2012 the Dental Business School® regional meetings will feature guest presenters Barry Oulton and Michelle Rhodes from Rhodes Oulton Innovations, focusing on Communication Skills. What do you most look forward to about being part of the Dental Business School programme? I am mostly looking forward to being part of the DBS community again. I was one of Chris’ first clients 11 years ago and it is exciting to come full circle and have the opportunity to help other practices develop their full potential. Michelle’s knowledge and in-depth understanding of human behaviour and personality coupled with her captivating delivery of the teachings make our presentations exciting, interesting and memorable. What would you like all DBS members to take away with them after your presentations? I would like all members to take away some tools for communication that they can use immediately and have them improve work and personal life. The opportunity to show members that 21st NLP- based selling skills are truly focused on the patient and the relationship with the practice team is great. They will not look back. What advice would you give any practice that is considering membership of the DBS? Anyone considering joining the DBS should join. I did 11 years ago and was a member for over 3 years. I am one of those practices that has taken Chris’ advice over the years and used it to develop and grow. The community that he created back then was fantastic, like minded dentists sharing ideas, encouraging each other and celebrating successes. The 2011/2012 DBS will be creating that all over again and I for one am happy to be a part of it. I am in touch with many friends made during my DBS days and I am looking forward to making new ones this year. To find out more about the DBS please contact The following dates are available for DBS® training days. Q1Q2Q3Q4Birmingham06/10/1117/01/1201/05/1202/08/12Edinburgh12/10/1111/01/1225/04/1211/07/12Manchester18/10/1113/01/1219/04/1231/07/12London24/11/1119/01/1229/03/1228/06/12Bristol24/01/1203/05/1207/08/1206/11/12Belfast14/02/1215/05/1211/09/1204/12/12Leeds23/02/1224/05/1209/08/1215/11/12

The Dental Business School® (DBS) and Dental Business Club™ (DBC) are trademarks of Chris Barrow.

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