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Me and my sweeping generalisations 🙄

Here's another 80/15/5 rule:

5% Disruptors

On The Adoption Cycle bell-curve they are the innovators - they try new stuff before anybody has proof of concept.

They tear up the rule book.

Their Chimp whispers to them "pioneers get scalped," but they go ahead anyway.

Their critics and their concerned friends accuse them of (yet) another B.S.O. (bright, shiny object), but they follow their instinct, intuition, gut.

They are F.O.M.O. Frightened of missing out.

The saving grace is their ability to fail fast, until something works.

Great to be around, difficult to keep up with but brilliant to coach.

15% Adopters

They need proof of concept before they leap - but then they have no hesitation in launching.

Some adopt very early, some a little later, but they consider, decide and act.

Once the decision is made - it's full gas.

They G.T.D. Get things done.

Great to be around, to live with and to coach.

80% Procrastinators


They are F.O.M.M. Frightened of making a mistake.

They are in F.E.A.R. Fantasy expressed as reality.

Doubtful that "it will ever work" until it's too late and boat has been missed.

Blaming the world for their stagnation.

Hardly surprising that they hang out together in tribes and online to B.M.W. (bitch, moan and whine).

Tough to be with, frustrating to work for and impossible to coach - you'll be the next one to get the blame.

Happy Friday.

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