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‘Maximising Profit by Understanding Your Practice Finances’ - Saturday 30th April 2022 - Fermanagh

Practice owners & managers, understanding your practice financials, and having secure systems in place by which to manage them, has never been more essential.

In this 1 day course Chris Barrow will help you understand the most important elements of financial analysis in dental practice management.

He will demonstrate how your analysis of Key Performance Indicators can allow owners and managers to keep the business on course to meet your financial targets.

He will demonstrate the common pitfalls and mistakes which lead to profit-leakage.

And he will provide you with a complete financial package that you can use your ‘next day’ in practice.

This course is suitable for both Practice Principals and Practice Managers, or whoever carries the financial responsibilities in your business.

Learning Objectives & Aims Objectives

How to understand your profit & loss statement

Identifying the most important Key Performance Indicators in dental business and comparing with benchmarks

Creating budget & cash flow forecasts

Measuring Operating Cost Per Surgery Per Day

Measuring Average Daily Production of fee-earners

Calculating the profitability of individual fee earners

Understanding EBITDA and how it is used to calculate the goodwill value of a practice

Scientific and emotional pricing – a comparison

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