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Marketing workshop


to see an interesting set of photographs taken by Les Jones at the Practice Plan marketing workshop in Edinburgh last Wednesday.

Les has certainly captured the atmosphere of the event and I appreciate his efforts.

I look knackered – hardly surprising as I had been awake since 04:00 that morning dealing with a sudden onset of food poisoning – and truly felt “rough as rats” all day.

But the show had to go on – and so with the help of the Practice Plan team and Xandra Maceachan (administering lotions and potions) we presented what I hope was a memorable event.

The next time a client tells me that a nurse, receptionist or any other team member has been unable to attend a day because they have “thrown a sickie” I’l remember what I felt like this day.

Why do team members “throw sickies” in dentistry and hairdressing – but apparently nowhere else?

What these pictures also remind me of is the benefit of getting a professional in to take shots of you in action – coach or dentist – to add to your marketing material on line and in print.

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