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Marketing – the rule of 7’s

A grumpy client emails me this morning as follows:

OK. So the ad “Attention Denture Wearers” went in for 2 consecutive weeks in the local paper and the local freebie. 3 replies in total so 3 reports sent out. Nobody has taken up the free consultation offer.

So what do I do?

Run it again with a bigger ad in more papers? Maybe change the ad a bit? or Forget it and add it to yet another complete and utter waste of time, money and effort?

Advertising – you take a look at the numbers after a minimum of 12 weeks exposure – and then decide if it has worked or not and move on.

Look at the experience of another client in a City Centre:

what worked:

  1. radio

  2. SOE

  3. word of mouth

  4. open days and evenings

what didn’t work so well:

  1. skins on taxis

  2. posters in stations

  3. adverts in the Echo

  4. adverts in magazines

  5. signage on tube stations

  6. Chamber of Commerce

  7. and quite a few other things!

I could go on…..

You have to try different things – but as the marketing sage Jay Abraham said many years ago – 7 things, 7 times in 7 places.

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