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March DBC prizewinner: Derek Bingham – 3 months DBC digital coaching

Derek Bingham, principal at Moira Dental Clinic Where are you based? We are based in Moira, which is a small village 30 minutes from Belfast, the practice is housed in a 18th Century listed building that we are gradually attempting to restore to its former glory! When did you first hear about Chris Barrow? Over four years ago now, when I decided to open my own practice, Amazon helpfully suggested Chris’ book based on my other purchases at the time. I bought the book and this was my first knowledge of Chris. Since then I have heard Chris speak on numerous occasions, namely at BACD Study Clubs, the Dentistry Show the last two years, Cranmore Study Clubs here in Belfast, and different events in association with SOE. It is through this I heard of the Dental Business Club, we also follow Chris on Facebook. What do you enjoy most about dentistry? It is a cliché but simply it is rewarding, particularly the cosmetic procedures, after my wife, our practice manager attended a seminar presented by Chris at Cranmore recently, we have started asking for written recommendations with the idea of using these on our new website we are currently creating. Simply seeing on paper how pleased patients have been with their treatment has been very encouraging. We have heard Chris speak so many times on the importance of taking holidays and how in fact taking holidays should not affect the bottom line – we are looking forward to more holidays!

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