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Managing burnout and your team's mental health - a Barrow & Buxton webinar

Wellbeing is rapidly becoming more of a professional than a personal issue. Burnout – characterised by feelings of exhaustion, mental distance from one’s job and reduced productivity – is the word on everybody’s lips, but why does it have such an impact on dental teams, and what should it mean for you as a practice owner or manager. As with many healthcare professions, dentistry comes with many risks and pressures: strict regulations, fear of litigation, high expectations from patients, anxieties around COVID-19, minimal breaks, long days – the list goes on. These factors contribute to high levels of stress and emotional exhaustion in dental teams, putting their long-term health and your practice’s standard of patient care on the line. In this 2-hour live CPD training session, Chris Barrow and Sarah Buxton will share with you the lessons they have learned from advising clients during the repeated crises of the last two years:

  • Employees can take legal action against employers where burnout or excessive work has affected their health. They can claim for financial and non-financial loss – for instance, if severe stress prevents them from fulfilling their career later in life. Learn the steps you must take to protect your employees, yourself and your practice;

  • As an employer, there are several things you can do to prevent stress from coming to a head. Implementing training around burnout – the risks, consequences and signs – is a good place to start. Learn the signs to spot when staff are overworking, and know how to recognise this behaviour pattern in yourself. Learn prevention;

  • Learn how to introduce or review policies around organisational culture, ensuring that managerial support is available, breaks are encouraged, and staff feel that they can openly discuss their mental health;

  • Learn the ideal schedule for team meetings, allowing everyone in the team to feel “heard” and also allowing you to share your vision, mission, roles and goals;

  • Learn how to conduct regular Personal Progress Interviews to identify performance and behavioural problems early on and avoid future problems;

  • Learn how to deal with difficult conversations in a way that avoids conflict, even when you have to share tough love;

  • Gain a basic understanding of how to deal with employees who are emotionally charged and raising concerns and complaints about their working conditions.

Ticket Price: £100+VAT per practice​​​

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