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Making yourself a target - when is it better to stay off social media?

My daughter asked me last night whether I wanted to enter the Dental Industry Awards as "Business Leader of the Year".

My reply was:

"No thanks - but thanks for thinking of me 😎

I don't fancy making myself an easy target for the haters and trolls."

Do you agree with me?

An old friend once advised me that "bad publicity is like bad breath - better than no breath" - but I'm not at all sure I agree with that.

I'd be interested in your thoughts - I may be wrong.

p.s. in spite of my best efforts, there are always haters and trolls.

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it depends who are the haters and the trolls. If they are people who have no bearing on what you do, then let them hate and troll. If they were going to do that whether you won this award or not, then compete for the award. The worst that happens is you attract more haters and trolls.

Do these haters and trolls operate in an area where your clients might see them - that's another matter.

We entered a few industry awards and actually did get some bizarre dental trolling from someone (who I'm pretty sure was also competing) I'd never heard of who claimed the judging was dubious and contrived. I'm fairly sure that almost zero of my prospectiv…

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Chris Barrow
Chris Barrow
02 Σεπ 2023
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Thanks Stephen

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