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I was delighted to receive this unsolicited email on my return to work this week, from Amy Piper at The Briars Dental Centre in Newbury (they have been attending the Extreme Business Workshop Programme in 2018).

Hi Chris, I know you must still be in catch up mode following your big adventure – but I just wanted to send over an email to say a big thank you. When I first started the Briars Blog following one of your workshops, I wasn’t overly confident that what I was writing was suitable for my audience – but you gave me the support and confidence boost I needed to carry on – encouraging me to cut the BDS and write as a person! Our blog has just hit over 1000 views – it may not be much in the grand scheme of things, but I am absolutely delighted. Thank you again for your help, and huge congratulations on such an epic biking adventure! Amy
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