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Making a difference for you?

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From October I will have room in my calendar for 3 new coaching clients.

Why people hire me:

  1. To build a £10m micro-corporate on a hub and spoke model

  2. To increase sales and profit by 100% in 36 months

  3. To recruit, train and coach Business Development and Marketing Managers

  4. To design and build a comprehensive marketing plan

  5. To help them sell a practice

  6. To help them open, buy or relocate a practice

  7. To train their team to deliver an exceptional patient experience

  8. To mentor and increase the productivity of their clinicians

  9. To speak at conferences

  10. To be a personal coach and help them sort their lives out

How people hire me:

  1. We arrange a 30-minute telephone or Skype call – the initial interview (2-way) – free of charge. If successful…

  2. We arrange a 3-hour face to face meeting on their premises/patch – the second interview (2-way) – free of charge. If successful…

  3. We decide if we want to work together – my terms are a 6-month reviewable contract at £1,200 per month inclusive of VAT

How we work together

  1. We meet face to face every month for a half-day on their premises/patch

  2. I provide detailed minutes and follow up from each meeting (unless a manager volunteers)

  3. They learn to run EVERYTHING past me

  4. We stay in constant contact via email and Skype call

  5. We monitor and measure how effective the relationship is

  6. I do extra stuff that I don’t get paid for

  7. We get results

Big results.

Talk to any of my former or current clients – they will let you know.

Before the summer starts in earnest, why not arrange now to get Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017 off to a flying start?

If you would like to arrange an initial telephone or Skype call, please email

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