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Make your patient newsletters earn a living

Here are some top tips:

  1. Send by email – print media is dead.

  2. Send monthly – less frequently and you will not get noticed.

  3. Avoid jargon and clinical stuff – people don’t care how much you know.

  4. Talk about your team – include examples of what they are up to, professionally and personally.

  5. Talk about your patients (with consent) – include examples of how your treatment has changed patients’ lives for the better.

  6. Talk about your CSR – if you do raise money for charity or volunteer – make a fuss.

  7. Include downloadable information (white papers) – make sure that you feature a free download in every issue.

  8. Include links to your web site.

  9. Make the newsletter share-able – make it easy for readers to send copies or share on their social channels.

  10. Talk about more than just dentistry – highlight interesting news about your post code.

  11. Get the graphics right – make the design something you are proud of.

Here are some examples of newsletters that we have helped our clients to produce in the last few days.

The Smile Spa – Stockton on Tees

Marquess Dental – Anglesey

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