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London’s pride

I was about 70 miles away today – safe enough and only bothered by the tiresome drive home this evening, detouring South and West before I headed North towards Manchester, to avoid those who were driving into the capital to pick up their loved ones, stranded without transport.A week ago my 19-year old son was on that same Tube at the same time, making his way to the US Embassy.

So this evening I count my blessings and reflect upon the irrelevance of my own troubles compared to those who have been affected by today’s horrors.

On Saturday we were connected as a global community, enjoying the best musicians in the world whilst pausing to think about the plight of the poor.

Tonight we are connected again as that global community, just as we were after 9/11 and Madrid, shocked by the events, determined that the simple-minded idiots who organise these acts will never succeed in their twisted philosophies.

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