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London 2012

What a pleasure it is to see London win the Olympic bid and, for once, good news and a “win” for Britain. This on the day that I wrote an ezine article (to be published in the next 24 hours) bemoaning my struggles with the United States Immigration authorities – maybe there is a message in this. Today I delivered the customer service and selling skills workshop to about 50+ people in Farnham, Surrey. The room was good, the delegates were a pleasure to work with and the day a real joy to deliver. After a working dinner at Pizza Express with three dental practice owners, I find myself back in my hotel room at 8.30pm and hardly know what to do with myself. I think a hot bath and an early night are allowed – then I can get up refreshed tomorrow and write a couple of outstanding (time not quality) articles for dental magazines. What’s the most important thing I was reminded of today? A guest at our workshop was Colin Cohen, head of customer service for IBM UK and a 40-year IBM man (can you believe that – he has worked for 40 years for IBM!). Lovely chap, very courteous and complimentary. It was refreshing and uplifting to hear him say that he agreed with all I said in my presentation and, to quote, “customer service is everything”. Even for the boys in blue.

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