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Lockdown 3.0 - strength in numbers

We wake this morning to Lockdown 3.0 and whilst the CDO England wants to reassure you that it is business as usual and the BDA call for an immediate scrapping of Q1 targets, you are pondering the latest version of:

  1. "How do I "do leadership" and keep everyone around me happy - team, patients, clinicians, suppliers, the regulators, the target-setters, the bank and my family?"

  2. "How do I "do management" and make sure that all my systems are adapting to the ways we are now being asked to work - financial, lead generation, lead conversion, operations and HR?"

  3. "How do I do all of that and still maintain any form of extreme self care?"

Everyone is looking at you.

One thing is for sure - you cannot do all of this by yourself - we hunter-gatherers did not evolve to cope with this amount of responsibility and so there is no shame in feeling overwhelmed and no glory in trying to be the hero.

Extreme Business 2021 is a coaching community of 130 dental businesses with over 1,000 team members and well over £100 million in combined sales - but all independently owned small businesses - old and new - large and small - general and specialist - single-site and multi-location - covering all 4 principalities and a few from overseas.

This week we begin our journey through the troubled waters ahead and this evening will be our very first weekly webinar of the year, discussing the latest offers in our not-for-profit Buying Group, Covid-testing for team members, how best to communicate with patients right now, the launch of our Practice Managers Development Programme and the continuation of our Associate Development Programme on Thursday this week.

You can still join us and benefit from our strength in numbers.

Visit the landing page for this year's client community HERE.

I reproduce with permission an unsolicited email received on 3rd January 2021:

"Dear Chris

Hope you had a well-deserved break over Xmas and New Year and a happy and healthy new year to you and your team.

I write on behalf of my two practices in Coventry, who found all your programs extremely useful, practical, and inspiring during the Covid 19 pandemic.

For our salaried dental care professionals, we had booked out the time in the appointment books for them to participate in the program and obviously they all attended the relevant sessions, practice management had allocated for their development and I undertook the associate sessions which the majority of our 10 associates attended. And I also attended the owner's sessions.

All in all, our statistics indicate that 80% of the team members attended 80% of the sessions.

Throughout the pandemic, we started our day with the morning huddle and this has been the most useful manner in getting essential information to a large team on a daily basis and then minuted onto our practice WhatsApp group, so that members not in work, also got to know what was discussed every day.

We, as an organisation bounced back to work with new ways of working and a motivated team, which improved its performance throughout the pandemic while working conditions became more complex.

That is true for both our NHS and Private practice. The team got to hear about our virtual practice motivator on a daily basis as we shared your practice and personal ways to keep well and focused during these very unusual times.

I thank you for being our dental company coach in 2020, and hope more of the profession gets on your bus.

I am now preparing to hang up the drills and leaving the principal's job to my son. I hope to work as an associate for him and slowly fade away from the dental practices and enjoy the proceeds of a very fruitful 35 years in dentistry.

Wishing you a successful 2021."

Kind regards

Ron Osman

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