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Listen, learn and lead

You must plan the time to listen to your team, whether it's a full team meeting or individual Personal Progress Interviews (both quarterly).

You must learn from them what is working, what isn't and what to do about it.

You must lead.

A leader is:

  • The custodian of the qualitative vision - what are our core values?

  • The instigator of the quantitative targets - where are we heading (and by when)?

  • The example of the standards of performance and behaviour expected - the beacon of light.

Leaders display compassion when it is appropriate and zero tolerance when it is necessary.

Of all of these, I regard zero tolerance as the most important right now.

It's your bus - people are either on it or off it - there's no half-on.

Better a hole in your team than an arse-hole. Every time.

Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash

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