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Level Up In Guided Surgery: Expert Digital Education for Dental Implantologists

This is not the ordinary academic text to have in your library. The book is the result of author, Dr. Nick Fahey’s years of commitment, innovative thinking and pioneering clinical work in the field of digital dentistry and in particular computer guided surgery for the placement of dental implants.

When it comes to guided surgery, Dr. Fahey is one of the most respected dental specialists in the UK and has written this easy-to-consult manual to offer dentists practical applications and real-world solutions to the everyday cases that Clinicians will encounter. It comes recommended for Dental Students as well as seasoned Clinicians. Full of vivid photographs and written in a style that is easy to read, Clinicians will find this handbook a valuable guide for virtual surgical planning and a introductory path into the exciting world of digital dental surgery.

About the author: Nicholas G.C. Fahey

Dr. Nick Fahey is a specialist Prosthodontist and Implant Dentistry expert. After over 20 years working in Harley Street, he now works solely at his practice Woodborough House, in West Berkshire, accepting multi-disciplinary referrals related to complex prosthodontics and dental implantology. Nick is also the co-founder of the Fitz Fahey Academy, an international group of dental educators that provides mentoring and comprehensive, progressive and interdisciplinary teaching with the aim of transforming clinical knowledge and understanding to transform patients’ lives.

Purchase now via Amazon at THIS LINK or via the publisher at THIS LINK.

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