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Letters from a perfect imperfectionist: There’s no such thing as…

There’s no such thing as…

• Get results quick • The easy way • Problem-free • Done for you • Passive revenue • Secrets of success

“The sure-fire formula that has helped thousands of people just like you to escape from their day-to-day struggle, unleash their potential and enjoy a trouble-free life”

So why, I ask myself, is the internet and my local bookstore so full of this?

And why does it sell?

Is it because we are all really waiting for that magical moment when nobody else dumps their load on us, nothing else breaks and no more situations go wrong?

Live completely on your own and you will end up talking to a volleyball.

Live with other people and you will spend the rest of your life responding to the challenges they create for you.

Either way around, you will get irritated.

So here is my strategy for life – share this with your kids:

• results worth having come slowly – learn patience • the hard way is usually the right way • deal with problems quickly – win or lose is better than procrastinate • delegate 80%, do 20% – figuring out your 20% is important • revenue requires effective effort • success is not a secret – it is contagious – hang out with successful people • when it comes to the self-help stuff, read about those who have genuinely overcome adversity and made a success of themselves in all walks of life

Perhaps most importantly of all – take the time to give back and pay forward.

“These “letters” are the personal observations of me, Chris Barrow and are not intended to reflect the views of 7connections and its team members, they just give me permission to publish here on the basis that they can keep an eye on me, a bit like a mad relative at a wedding reception. I’m likely to upset the sensitive and outrage the sensible – if you fall into either of those camps then read at your peril.”

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