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Lasers – are they worth it?

Conversation with a dentist the other day who is opening a brand new private squat in a few months time.

Should I invest £43,000 plus VAT in a laser drill?

I listened as he extolled the virtues of “pain free dentistry” – he and his partner had even gone to the trouble of canvassing opinion in the affluent town where they intend to open. The feedback from “the public” was that the idea of “no drill, no pain” dentistry was very attractive. I remain sceptical. A Google search on “laser dentistry” in the UK reveals a rather motley collection of unappealing web sites. I suspect that the idea is attractive – but the reality of paying for the treatment may be different. I want to counsel my dentist to wait until his practice has 1000 adult patients registered, most of them on a membership scheme – and then look at this again. Before i do so – are there any success stories out there? Am I missing something?

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