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KEDO’s again

Hi Chris,

after the conference call last week, I was very inspired by the description of one participant’s practice as “a million pound practice”.

We sat down last week to think how we could turn our business into a million pound practice- and it’s not so far away.

Do you have any good ideas for monthly KEDOs?

(that other people have thought of already!!!!!)


What I’m seeing out there (and mentioned in today’s ezine):

  1. free assessments with a treatment co-ordinator (not a clinician)

  2. whitening wednesdays – whitening done by hygienist/therapist

  3. new patient consults at half-price (with a clinician)

  4. free home whitening as an added value for people who take up Invisalign or join a membership plan

  5. Invisalign open days/evenings for adults and teenagers

  6. Botox demonstrations

  7. free iPod shuffles

  8. unwritten thank you gifts for new patient recommendations (because the GDC do not want written)

  9. lots of work on study clubs for referring dentists – clinical track/business development track/social track

and I have to make the point that new business is coming from three sources:

  1. 33% Optimised Web Site

  2. 33% Patient Referral

  3. 33% Everything Else

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