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Just that little bit extra

Justin writes:

Cut a long story short, I just ordered a few bits from Viking direct, when I got the order it came in a box, but with the box came a “New customer” pack. It was just a postal bag and in it was a letter of introduction a product catalogue and a few discount flyers. The problem was they put it all in a hard plastic envelope which then got split and ripped in transit, no real problem but a shame when they had gone to all that trouble. A few days passed and I got a phone call asking if my order was OK and if there were any comments, I told them about the envelope ripping because it was packed in a plastic bag, not a complaint just an observation so they could address it in the future. Attached is a copy of the letter they sent me the next day, I just think it is a really nice way to say thanks for your comments we do take notice. Maybe they won’t but I feel better.


Justin Neubronner

Circle Orthodontics Group.

Click on the letter if you cannot read the text:

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