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It seems we are primarily damaging ourselves – the world’s most popular brands in 2019

According to the latest statistical evidence, here are the world’s most popular brands

It is astonishing that Coca-Cola is still there after all these years – I remember walking to Everest Base Camp back in 1998 and being amazed at the Coke available on our way up (as well as Mars Bars).

I’ve just started reading “Why we sleep” and I’m learning quickly just how bad our modern nutritional and lifestyle habits can be for us, including the side effects of excessive caffeine intake.

Surprising, perhaps, that Colgate is at #2 – you might not have thought that a manufacturer of oral health products was so popular or universally recognised.

I had to look up Maggi and Indomie on Google, which probably proves the suggestion in The Guardian this morning that President Trump thinks he is visiting a third-world country this week.

Interesting that 7 of the top 10 brands deliver either caffeine or junk food and 3 beauty/health products – it’s no wonder that Millennials are rescheduling their calendars this week to take in the new series of Love Island.

I had intended to compose a smart blog post about how correct branding is an essential part of your business plan but, to be honest, I’m so shocked by the results of this analysis that I think I’ll just leave it at that.

Kettle on.

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