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It's time for your bigger future

Last week I started touring again with Sarah Buxton on the Practice Plan Regional workshop tour.

Last weekend we gathered at The London Dentistry Show - it was the biggest reunion party in the history of dentistry. Olympia was buzzing for 2 days.

Last Tuesday we "soft-launched" our 2022 coaching programme to our existing client base.

The future starts now.

Time to stop looking backwards, stop looking in the mirror and to start looking forward.

Today we launch The Extreme Business 100 to the full dental community.

Our programme is bold, outrageous and provocative.

I'm proposing to work with just 100 dental businesses over the next three years to help them to DOUBLE THEIR EARNINGS AND SALE VALUE.

With 102 days to launch and in the first 5 days, 37 dental businesses have committed to join us on this journey.

You can learn more by following the link below - it's a 5-minute read that could transform your professional and personal life.

I'm building a community of clients who are going to blaze a trail through UK dentistry in the next few years.

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