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It's not just about me anymore!

Source: Indexed I’ve been pretty much a lone ranger for most of my adult life – even playing in teams as a young adult (5-a-side football and volleyball) I saw myself as a rebel. It probably stems from my childhood (most things do) – being

  1. an only-child of alcoholic parents (misery manual to follow)

  2. a teenage recluse (in the age before the internet – what did I do all day?)

  3. absolutely bloody useless at all sports (stood against the wall at school, last to be picked for any team)

  4. hopeless with girls (stood against the wall at the disco, waiting for a dance that never came)

No wonder I did reasonably well academically (until I discovered sport and girls) and have read a lot. But there is no doubt that my teenage years were formative in creating a strong will for self-preservation and a solid inclination to fend for myself. Nowadays I still don’t see ‘teamwork’ as one my strengths but I do see ‘leadership’ as a key ability – interesting point there – in crisis people don’t look for democrats, they elect dictators, benevolent or otherwise. Recently, a series of incidents at BKH have had me review the “loneliness of the long-distance consultant”. Case Study 1 A coaching client (partnership) are considering dropping their existing practice building (c1934) to the ground and, having bought the property next door, flattening both and building a state of the art, 2-story, 5 surgery practice. They ask for our help and I realise that Tim Caudrelier, our Performance Director, has all the skills necessary to assist them in Project Management. Case Study 2 A young coaching client who has bought an 80/20 NHS/Private practice needs to recruit and train a new Practice Manager and implement business management systems. They ask for help and I realise that Karl-Taylor Knight, our Operations Manager, has all the skills necessary to recruit, interview and train said individual (as well as template systems). Case Study 3 Another young coaching client who has bought a 100% Private Practice needs help to re-train the existing team, implement a complete range of marketing activities and recruit and train a treatment co-ordinator. They ask for help and I realise that Nikki Berryman, our Practice Development Manager, has all the skills necessary to build their marketing plan and train their TCO. I’m beginning to realise that, after all these years, its not just about me any more. Yes – very often, a prospective client will want to have a session with CB first – after all, I’ve spent 20 years building my brand – and there are some things I am still going to be very good at – notably overall strategy and tactics. But as BKH grows, we are building a talented and experienced team of people who “know how to run a dental business very well” – and I’m going to deploying them around my coaching client base as well as with our Partners in the months and years ahead. No doubt somebody out there will hate the idea. By the way, if you are worried about me still being a recluse – look at my social media activity – and you should see me on the dance floor or anywhere near a karaoke machine – it’s truly awful!

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