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Is the “selfie” part of marketing?


We now upload 1.8 billion photographs to The Cloud every 24 hours.

Interesting terminology there….

  1. Upload – as if it is travelling upwards

  2. The Cloud – into some kind of blue sky

Jack Dee had it right years ago:

“they tell us we are “surfing” the internet – actually, we are just typing”

I would suggest that most of those photographs are being launched into their heavenly trajectory from a smartphone, whether it’s the billion iPhones now in circulation or some other alternative, such as the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7 that has now been banned in-flight by the FAA.

Irrespective, I’m also going to suggest that the majority of those photos aren’t compelling views of famous landmarks and landscapes – I’ll bet they are pictures of us.

I get some funny looks from dental folks when I suggest that the “before and after” teeth and gum shots are for clinical journals and not for your social media or web sites.

Just yesterday, a client shared with me some suggested billboards from a graphic design company that included those inevitable stock photos of the gloriously handsome and attractive (young and old) couples that dental companies favour.

The square-jawed 55-year old male, the glamorous granny, that gorgeous millennial couple.

I don’t identify with those people and I’ll bet your patients don’t either.

The stock photo is as out of place in modern practice marketing as an intellectual at a Trump rally.

Human interest via social media?

It’s called FACEBOOK.


So if you are going to have an actively managed Facebook Page for your practice (and you should) – then fill it full of happy faces – patients and team (with the appropriate consents).

Same goes for all of your marketing.

You are going to hear me say this over and over:


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